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Whirlpool designs a zero-gravity refrigerator for space missions

. engineering team Whirlpool Corporation Join the researchers in Purdue University And to the compressor manufacturer AirSquared to make Zero Gravity Refrigerator. The project, in fact, involves the construction of truly innovative household appliances. It is a refrigerator designed to be able to operate even in zero gravity. Azerbaijan’s gravity freezer will be used in upcoming space missions and can also find applications for future missions to Mars.

Whirlpool Corporation Works on zero-gravity refrigerator for space missions

since the fifties, Whirlpool worked with NASA To create the first “space kitchen” and the first “space food”. Projects developed by the company included creating a full kitchen for use during space missions. Overall, between 1957 and 1973, the Whirlpool Company worked on 300 contracts for space kitchens Apollo, Gemini and Skylab missions.

space mission refrigerator

The Whirlpool Corporation is back in the space that designs Zero Gravity Refrigerator. This new device will be developed with researchers from Purdue University and air compressor manufacturer AirSquared. The goal is to find a solution that can work, without problems, even in the absence of gravity.

The size of a refrigerator is the size of a microwave oven and it has already achieved encouraging results in early tests. In the future, the project could include the installation of a zero-gravity refrigerator on the International Space Station.

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