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Which interface “works best”? Analysis reveals that


The editors of BuiltForMars, a portal that specializes in studying the interface of the most popular electronic systems, conducted an in-depth analysis of the performance provided by the dashboards of PlayStation 5 NS Xbox X/S.

The BuiltForMars editors’ examination breaks down several points to touch upon the aspects that define, in their view, “the overall quality of user experience”: and thus it is not a review based on aesthetic judgments, but a genuine review. The particular study of the capabilities, performance and accessibility of each individual component forms the front of the latest generation of home platforms.

The question the guys at BuiltForMars are asking themselves is simple: Between the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, Which interface “works best”? The conclusions reached by the authors of this analysis are really interesting, especially because they are not based on the search for a real “winner” but on the need to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of design solutions devised by Sony and Microsoft. The contents of the respective dashboards.

Judging by BuiltForMars analysis, PS5 requires entry 29.8% increase in inputs To perform the same accessible tasks as Xbox Series X/S, but not only. Again according to the study in question, on average 19% Actions performed on Xbox Significantly changes screen elements: If on the one hand, Microsoft nextgen consoles allow extension Easier access For activities requested by users, on the other hand, the PS5 manages to ensure one More uniform use of content.

After striking the appropriate balance between the strengths and weaknesses of the two interfaces, the BuiltForMars team believes that the Xbox Series X/S appears to be more efficient than the PS5 in managing dashboard elements, but both the design and accessibility solutions adopted by next-generation consoles. confusion. There will be a lot of interventions to be made to improve performance, accessibility and ways of using the contents. From this point of view, both Sony and Microsoft lag behind solutions placed in other APIs for multimedia services and consumer products. As specified in the analysis, “User interfaces for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S They should run more smoothly“.

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