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Dove vedere Napoli Udinese

Where do you see Napoli Sassuolo: Sky or Dazen?

Where to see Sassuolo Naples After a bitter defeat, Castellani against theEmpoliThe Naples He will have to replace himself immediately to obtain the athletic qualification for the next stage UEFA Champions League. Next men’s discount Spalletti there will be Sassuolofresh from the internal defeat against Juventus And without special ambitions, 10 points from the European area.

Tomorrow the two teams will compete, March 30 at 3:00 pmAnd In the Playground Diego Armando Maradona from Naples On the occasion of the thirty-fifth day of the tournament.

Naples, Sassuolo, antecedents

The next day will be the eighteenth meeting between Naples And Sassuolo. These are the precedents between the two teams:

  • 8 Napoli wins
  • 7 draw
  • 2 Sassuolo wins

Napoli club, the performance of the two teams

Although the recent results have effectively cut off Naples from running Scudettoa team Spalletti He can still qualify for the next stage Champions League. they will serve 5 points (out of 12 available) in the last four math safety quizzes.

In the last 3 races The blues has been scored only one pointlose against Fiorentina And Empoli and drawing against Rome. Figure moment is not the best, but against Sassuolo A victory will be needed to give the oxygen to Rank E find 3 points Missing from the challenge againstAtalanta On the 3rd of last April. Where to see Naples Sassuolo

The Sassuolo from Dionysus It has been praised by fans and insiders throughout the season, but in a quiet order Nirverde pulled the oars a little bit into the boat. There are 3 defeats (against LazioAnd Cagliari And Juventus) in the last 4 days (between the victory overAtalanta).

Where to see Naples of Udine

Where to see Napoli Udinese: Sky or Dazen?

the race between Naples And SassuoloIt is valid for the 35th match of the Italian Serie A, which will be played Saturday April 30 at 3:00 pm In the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium Naples. But How can I follow the match? Naples-Sassuolo It will be broadcast live and in except from dazn. By owning a DAZN account, the game will be visible from the comfort of home.

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Instead, the match between Naples And Sassuolo It can also be followed in the broadcast by downloading a file dazn On your smartphone, tablet, XBOX, PS4, PS5 or PC.

The suspension of Napoli Udinese will be entrusted to Pierluigi Bardo, Commentary by Massimo Joby. Preliminary match for Napoli-Sassuolo starts 30 minutes before the matchwith the latest news from the stadium, line-ups and analysis on the main themes of the match.