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Where do “multi-millionaires” settle?  They leave China and India and land in Australia, the United States and Switzerland

Where do “multi-millionaires” settle? They leave China and India and land in Australia, the United States and Switzerland

According to the study Afrasia PanK In Mauritius 16,000 Chinese citizens and 7,000 Indians have moved from their home countries with net worth ranging from $ 1 million to $ 9.9 million. Stadista writes that he created the infographic below.

The report was released in 2020, but the data came from 2019, so it is pre-epidemic. The study considers only those who have spent at least six months to “relocate”. The “migration” phenomenon is not the same everywhere. For China and India, the decline is 2% of their multi-million dollar population. Keep in mind that Hnwi is the one who has invested $ 1 million or more in assets, excluding major residential, collections, consumer and durable goods. In countries such as Russia and China, migration is marked by higher exports of 6 and 8 percent, respectively.

From the last World Wealth Report It turns out that there are 11 million Henwes in the world and that Italy ranks tenth in the number of “rich” people with 168 thousand individuals.

According to the report, it is business and taxes that have made many millionaires decide to move house. But this decision may be of a personal nature related to health and education and quality of life.

Where is Hnwi going?

Australia tops the list of landslide countries, with nearly 12,000 new entrants in 2019. The United States and Switzerland came in second and third, with 10,800 and 4,000 super-rich, respectively.

Portugal and Greece are also in the top ten. Both countries run investor programs that ensure access to EU residency and citizenship. However, only about 30% of HNWIs immigrate using investor visas. Most people use traditional ways such as work visas, family visas or obtaining a second passport by descent.

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