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Where and when do you see imagination?

Latest episodes Blanca, a fictional revelation with Maria Chiara Janita. So the series is approaching a grand finale and the suspense is growing for the fate of its protagonist who is in a really dangerous situation. Ray decides to double the date.

Really exceptional Blanca will air twice this week, only to finish the series before Christmas and leave the program schedule free for holiday broadcasts.

BlancaWhen and where you can watch the latest episodes

So, the date with Blanca It remains unchanged on Monday. The penultimate episode is broadcast in prime time on Rai 1 On December 20, while the last episode, when we will probably know what will happen to the police advisor and whether the love story with Liguori (Played by Giuseppe Zeno) It will finally explode or not, it is scheduled to explode Tuesday December 21 Always on Rai 1 at 21.25.

We have left Blanca in great danger. Someone is spying on her, entering her house when she’s not there and constantly watching her with cameras placed in her apartment. We finally saw the face of his morbid obsession. We couldn’t believe our eyes. We never expected him from that character.

Meanwhile, the flirtation with Liguori still doesn’t take off, while the chef is a friend, Played by Pierpaolo SpollonHe is getting more and more jealous.

BlancaThe plot of the penultimate episode

In the penultimate episode, tinctures, the disappearance of a young engineering PhD student leads to the reopening of an unfinished business in Liguori’s past. The main suspect, in fact, is the powerful oilman Picardo, his lawyer Livia, the mother of Liguori. The case will inevitably bring to the surface the conflicting relationship between the two, while the unwitting Blanca is increasingly jeopardized by someone who now controls her and wants to harm her.

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BlancaFinal episode plot

The confrontation is not far away. On December 21 with the last episode titled home madeWe’ll see Blanca investigate a case that concerns her closely. In fact, it is about Carmen Russo, the father of Sebastiano, the boy she referred to as her sister’s killer. The girl’s health is increasingly at risk, as she relentlessly approaches a dangerous trap that has been waiting for her for some time without even realizing it.

BlancaRumors about the second season

While waiting to see the grand finale of the crime drama based on the novel of the same name by writer Patrizia Rinaldi, rumors are already circulating about the possibility of a second season of… Blanca, due to its phenomenal success, which almost broke the record.