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When, where to watch it on TV, when it is, how it works

When, where to watch it on TV, when it is, how it works

The countdown is about to arrive Naples, Inter and Milan. The three Italian teams that took off the pass to Champions League Round of 16 (Outside Juventus, the ‘downhill’ of the Europa League) are actually ready to face their next opponents, who They will come out of a neon jar (Swiss).

Where do you see the lottery on TV

The raffle will be held on Monday, November 7th.from 12 in “House of European Football”) and will be broadcast Live on TV On Sky Sport 24 and exclusively in Canale 20. It will also be visible flow On Mediaset Infinity, Prime Video, Sky Go, Now Tv, etc. Official UEFA Channels.

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Most winning champions: Napoli at the top, Juventus poorly

What are the teams participating in the lottery?

Attend the lottery 16 teams Those who have passed the group stage of the UEFA Champions League: first place is determined as seeded, runner-up as unranked.

Group winners (seeded)
Bayern Munich (Germany)
Benfica (Bor)
Chelsea (England)
Manchester City (England)
Naples (ITA)
Porto (POR)
Real Madrid (Spain)
Tottenham (England)

Description (uncategorized)
Bruges (Belgium)
Borussia Dortmund (Germany)
Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany)
Leipzig (Germany)
Liverpool (England)
Milan (ITA)
Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)

Draw criteria and rules for the second round

Teams belonging to same union They can’t face each other at this point. In addition, the clubs you are with cannot be paired with He met in the group stage. The round of 16 matches will be with Go competitions (Dated 14/15/21/22 February 2023) And return (on 7/8/14/15 March 2023), where the top-seeded players will play the return match at home (all matches are scheduled to start at 9pm). The extraterrestrial base has been removedSo the matches that remain in the double-header tied to the number of goals scored between home and away hosts, will go to. extra time. If the score remains restricted after 30 minutes of overtime, it will move to Penalty kicks. The draws for the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final will take place on Friday 17 March. UEFA Champions League Final 2022/23 It will be held on June 10, 2023 At the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, The historic return of Liverpool against Milan in the 2005 final.

UEFA ranking, ranking by club: Juventus remains the first Italian

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UEFA ranking, ranking by club: Juventus remains the first Italian

Napoli potential opponents

It can handle: Brugge, Borussia Dortmund, Eintracht Frankfurt, Leipzig, Paris Saint-Germain
Cannot handle: Inter, Liverpool and Milan

Bruges: G2 V2 P0 S0 GF6 GS0
Borussia Dortmund: G2 V1 P0 S1 GF3 GS4
Eintracht Frankfurt: G2 V0 P0 S2 GF0 GS2
Leipzig: G2 V1 P0 S1 GF3 GS3
PSG: G4 V0 P3 S1 GF3 GS5

Inter, potential opponents

It can handle: Benfica, Chelsea, Manchester City, Porto, Real Madrid and Tottenham
Cannot handle: Bayern Munich and Napoli

Benfica: G3 V2 P1 S0 GF5 GS3
Chelsea: G2 V2 P0 S0 GF3 GS1
Manchester City: N / A
Port: G4 V2 P1 S1 GF6 GS5
Real Madrid: G19 V7 P2 S10 GF21 GS28
Spurs: G6 V3 P0 S3 GF11 GS12

Milan, potential opponents

It can handle: Bayern Munich, Benfica, Manchester City, Porto, Real Madrid, Tottenham
Cannot handle: Chelsea, Naples

FC Bayern: G10 V6 P3 S1 GF17 GS8
Benfica: G6 V4 P2 S0 GF8 GS3
Manchester City: P2 W0 P1 S1 GF2 GS5
Port: G11 V4 D4 S3 GF10 GS7
Real Madrid: G15 V6 P3 S6 GF25 GS24
Tottenham: G4 V0 P2 S2 GF2 GS4

Spalletti on the Champions League: "We don't want easy games"

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Spalletti on the Champions League: “We don’t want easy matches”

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