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When watching TV disappears

When watching TV disappears

My land is digital, the lockdown is coming and citizens who haven’t run for cover won’t be able to watch TV. We assess the situation.

The switch is about to end, the digital terrestrial revolution is about to end and your old TVs will be rendered useless.

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succession Changes and Reset Since last October 20; Month after month, Italian regions have asked citizens to adapt to the changes envisaged to move to the new MPEG 4 standard that provides improved visibility for TV channels and change frequencies for their editing. Dedicated to 5G phone companies. I followed different steps one by one, but now the hourglass is about to end the countdown And all citizens who do not adapt in time will lose the right to watch their favorite channels. So far, it’s partially closed as it can still be seen Alrai and Mediaset channels In the old standard version Mpeg 2 by typing numbers 500 and above on the remote control. Final closing will be, however, On January 1, 2023. After a few months, the DVB-T2 standard will be the only acceptable transmission mode.

Digital Earth, what will happen from January 1, 2023

In six months, the shutdown will be official and complete and those without the right means to support the new DVB-T2 standard will no longer be able to watch Rai, Mediaset and smaller broadcasters. The only way to keep up with the times is to have a file compatible decoder – Use of the TV bonus that guarantees a discount of 30 euros on the purchase – or The latest generation of TVA smart TV that gives you a qualitatively better viewing experience, while taking advantage of Cancellation Bonus.

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Before proceeding with your new purchase, it is advised to check if your old device is able to support the new cast mode or not. The test can be done simply by turning on the TV and typing 100 or 200 on the remote control. If the wording appears HEVC Key Exam 10 Then you can breathe a sigh of relief because the switch will not create any problems. If not, you have six months to buy a new receiver or TV.

How much will the expenses be?

Savings are ensured by taking advantage of the above bonuses. Choosing the “decoder” option will spend about 20 euro No TV bonus – The one we remember has some conditions that must be respected – Whereas a Smart TV will have a more expensive cost that can be amortized by the scrapping bonus that guarantees it 20% off Maximum €100, subject to cancellation of an old device.

The resources provided by the state are used. Thus, it is advisable to immediately submit an application for bonuses so as not to miss an important saving opportunity. Finally, we conclude by reminding that Many citizens receive the receiver at home for free, which meets specific requirements.