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When Reactions Hit Hard - Libero Quotidiano

When Reactions Hit Hard – Libero Quotidiano

“I was really bad!”: Cecilia Rodriguez Indulged in a violent outburst on social media, she complained of several problems after the second dose of the vaccine. The model, Belen’s sister and partner of Ignazio Moser, did not appear calm even when she received her first dose a few weeks ago. The friend documented everything with videos posted on social media.

But even this time, Moser got everything back and Cecilia asked: “Today are you going to cry like the first dose?”. She replied that she was already suffering from pain in her arm. The model broke the silence today and on Instagram greeted her fans like this: “Good morning. Today is Monday and this is my face after getting the vaccine.” Then, after admitting that she was not feeling well after the injection, she said: “Thank God.” I had my love as well as a few people who spoiled me“.

sharp pain in the arm, headache, pain in the neck, Such a really terrible effectRodriguez explained in detail. But then she reassured her followers: “But it passed and ended with luck.” Finally she remembered an event very important for her: “But it is September 20, my sister Beilin’s birthday for those who do not know. The most beautiful in the world. One of the most important people in my life. I haven’t called her yet, now I’ll call her in a bit. no hard day.

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