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“When FIFA supported the anomaly in the Major League Soccer in the United States, it paved the way.  And now pay ''

“When FIFA supported the anomaly in the Major League Soccer in the United States, it paved the way. And now pay ”

An earthquake was declared. The European football Crashed under the blows of an ax 12 great clubs That gave birth to Superliga The future, but the signs and dangers of this huge rift between billionaire sports clubs, Uefa and FIFA They were all there. Ricardo Silva, the Italian manager, maxi television rights expert and head of the soccer team, had anticipated it Miami. He himself had brought FIFA to the Lausanne International Sports Court in 2020 to demonstrate the extent of his hostility to the sport MLS, The top American football league that does not respect the rules in force in the rest of the world by not providing promotions and relegations. But the Which – which He was proven wrong, as FIFA emphasized the special Major League Soccer, and committed a thrilling goal of its own that opened a major legal gap in favor of the Europa League.

The Premier League looks incredibly similar to the American MLS. The beginning of the end for European football?
“A very hard blow. In this challenge with the 12 great European clubs, FIFA and the European Union present themselves with the weapons that arose out of that sentence by TAS against Miami FC. They legitimized the existence of a private league that had been closed for years without sports rules in America. And now they want to wage war on the European Premier League. They are unreliable. On the legal front, they are already losers. It will be very difficult for us to stop the birth of this tournament.

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It is no coincidence that 5 of the 12 clubs are owned by America: Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Manchester United and AC Milan.
“No. These clubs have been strong in previous decisions by TAS towards MLS, and then the Covid crisis that put the smaller clubs on their knees accelerated their project. In addition, there appears to be an excellent economic advantage in financing a large bank like JP Morgan.”

Mathematical merit disappears without subsidence.
“Absurd. They erase the principle that underpins football in the world: the principle of meritocracy in sporting values. In the United States, decisions by TAS and FIFA have affected hundreds of clubs. In Europe there will be thousands of discontent.”

Are you disappointed with the behavior of FIFA President Gianni Infantino?
“FIFA said with Miami some things, then actually they did other things. I am confused as well as frustrated. It remains clear that the history of MLS has taught international institutions nothing. Now it will be very difficult to get out of it, which is complicated to punish clubs and players when there is a sentence in Tas that says otherwise. ”

In the United States there is the NBA system which is very reminiscent of the European Premier League system.
“In fact, they are two different championships, so it would be wrong to compare them. Within the NBA League in the United States there is a college system that performs very well. On the other hand, the Super League will not have any of this: there is only one championship without relegations and promotions. ”

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The impact with the fan world wasn’t the best. A lot of criticism and skepticism.
“I understand. This kind of event was born against the true spirit of football, which has its own rules and traditions that unite us. To have the right to participate in the Premier League without winning it on the field is against the laws of this sport, and nothing moral. Everyone should have it.” On the same chances and I think the fans understand these things very well, which is why they are not happy. Think about the World Cup and think if they have the rules of the European Premier League what a disaster it would be; the countries that qualify are with coat of arms and not by sporting standards. Mad. ”

Not to mention the many upper-middle-class clubs excluded in Europe.
“The bitterness of these European clubs is also mine. I have faced similar situations with Miami. Silly annoyance. The clubs’ sporting values ​​are not considered. We defeated many great MSL teams in the Cup, but without the possibility to upgrade. Did not help.

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