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When, and at what distance, potential damage


spotted asteroid Close ground. As reported by NASAan asteroid is approaching the planet, and the closest point is you will arrive Sunday 15 May. almost on a large scale 490 meters and her Diameter about 500 meters: categorized as “potentially dangerousDue to its proximity to the blue planet. Asteroid 2008TZ3 passes close to Earth every time 732 days.

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As noted by The Independent, an asteroid of this size could cause damage destructive If it hits the ground. But NASA scientists assure that it will only be “approach“, because it will pass close to the planet Earth at a distance of approx Four million kilometres.

From what was said, this is not First time That asteroid 2008TZ3 is approaching. In May 2020, a space rock passed close to Earth at once distance: after Approximately 2.75 million km. Some experts fear that the Earth is not yet ready for this defend yourself of potentially deadly asteroids.

also Elon Musk, He appears to be concerned that the SpaceX CEO has in fact tweeted: “A big boulder will eventually hit the Earth, and at the moment we have no defense.” But NASA is looking at some defensive tactics.

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