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WhatsApp, watch out for this post: you may run into some risks

There are many internal functions in WhatsApp. One in particular should be used with critical stinginess. There may be risks.

There are many applications that allow you to send text messages, The WhatsApp excels in this field. The application, in fact, is the most used by many users. A sign of how well the whole team is doing right from the first moment. There are now many functions of the messaging app. One in particular, however, cannot be used lightly.


development team The WhatsApp Always ready with updates to offer new solutions. Technologies are advancing and users are always looking for new developments to make a difference in their experience. However, not all functions can be used in a simple way. Also because, as we all know, we are always online and dangers are at the door. The risk definitely increases when we send something private, like a photo and a video.

Among the latest features that have been introduced, there is one Ability to leave WhatsApp groups secretly. In short, there are many tools that allow users to act as they see fit. However, in this case, the tool, if used recklessly, can lead to negative consequences. Let’s go and see what it is.

WhatsApp, beware of ‘show once’: there may be problems

Among the many features used in WhatsApp, there is the one that allows you to send and watch content only once. On the other hand, therefore, the recipient will have a time limit to see the message has arrived. Basically, you won’t be able to save it to your device. However, the sender will not be able to tell if the recipient has done one screenshot of the content. Which can generate some risks.

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The “Show once“So you are not allowed to get rid of this content. The user in question could use this little trick to save the image anyway. Such a scenario, as we can guess, would cause the installed function to fail. The basic principle of seeing it once no longer exists.”

In short, this little shortcut can be a problem for those who send a photo. As mentioned, the features are many and the users who have used them The WhatsApp They may miss these details. Knowing the application, in fact, is not for everyone and this aspect can be overlooked.

As we can see, we should always be careful what we send. With so many technological gadgets, in fact, there is always the possibility to get what you want. Pay attention when you are OnlineTherefore, it can never be low. Even if you talk to a trusted person. So, also keep an eye on the “show once” because the content may be saved. to caution For these details, in order to avoid any unpleasant situation. Another thing to watch out for is the possible update of the app. It seems, in fact, that WhatsApp will become paid for some users.