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WhatsApp, users are at risk: what's going on

WhatsApp, users are at risk: what’s going on

More and more WhatsApp users are at risk. In fact, the phenomenon of stolen accounts is on the rise: let’s see what happens.

New danger to messaging app users (via screenshot)

They are rising The WhatsApp Methods that attackers use to obtain sensitive data. In fact, we don’t only have deception tricks, but it also spreads ransomware And many other methods used to put millions of accounts at risk. Recently, more and more users are receiving malicious messages without knowing anything. With this method, moreover, it becomes increasingly difficult to defend against insidious people. So we must always be careful inside the app, checking not only its mobile version, but also the web version.

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However, there is one thing that should never be done, which is to send sensitive codes within the app, and not to disclose this data even to our close friends. Furthermore it State Police Citizens warned, advise to Don’t click on any links Found in “strange” messages and Enable two-step verification. Two important tips, because in the last year we have seen a massive increase in stolen accounts within the app. So let’s see what changes inside the instant messaging app.

WhatsApp, a new feature for images: a revolution for all users

WhatsApp messages
New feature for app users (via screenshot)

The WhatsApp It has been constantly updated in the last month and is now ready to allow users to submit high-resolution images. Not only that, but actually from Menlo Park They are ready to offer more functions related to sending multimedia contents within chats. According to what has been learned in the past few hours, the developers will let you decide on it Three different sending attributes, let’s see what they are.

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  • automatic – Here it will be the application that decides the quality of the transmitted video and everything will depend on the quality of the connection.
  • best quality – The user will be able to send the videos in the highest quality available.
  • data provision – With this option, WhatsApp prefers an appropriate quality to save mass, which makes the video as light as possible.

However, for now, the app still has to run the update with the new functionality. In fact, soon the new tool will be tested first on beta application Then in its official version. So the developers keep improving the app to avoid being overtaken by competitors.