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WhatsApp trick to leave a group without being seen

WhatsApp trick to leave a group without being seen

WhatsApp is certainly one of the most used apps on our phones, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t bother us, cause us anxiety or a nervous breakdown.

Surely one of the heroes of our frustration is the infamous “collection” we unknowingly add to. It can be a group to organize a birthday, to buy a gift, a reunion, or it can be a group of unpleasant colleagues or just a group of uncles that you see once a year.

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All of these people will write things that don’t interest you, flood your phone with messages, and occupy your conversations in an annoying way.

However, there is a way to escape from this unpleasant game…without escaping. No one will be able to say that you did not like leaving the group, because you did not like it, but at the same time you made it disappear.

Such as?

Archive the group and leave it on standby where you can’t see it. You will not receive notifications and you will not feel anxious. It will just disappear.

Then when you want it to reappear, just unarchive it and you can write whatever you want as if nothing happened.

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