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WhatsApp, this new bug causes serious problems in smartphones I never do that

WhatsApp, this new bug causes serious problems in smartphones I never do that

The smartphone boom that has occurred over the past ten years has allowed the parallel proliferation of applications (or apps), allowing us to carry out our daily actions.

One of the main categories in this sense is messaging applications, which allow you to communicate very quickly between users spread all over the world. One of the most important, without a doubt The WhatsAppwhich (after paying for it within the first few years), has reached and has just now surpassed 1 billion users worldwide.

Then it was followed in the following years by Telegram, making its strong point in its advanced encryption system, also managing to grab it from year to year and thanks to constant updates and full support from its developers, millions and millions of users spread everything. around the world.

Today in this case we will focus on WhatsApp, which has recently been suffering from Bugs Which causes various problems for smartphones that many users may be concerned about: let’s find out what it is together!

If the screen is rotated, the reaction of the smartphone may cause more than some concerns among users. In this case it may actually appear as an alarming situation Black screen, which might make you mistakenly think of an irreparable problem with your phone for some users. Don’t worry, though: There is a workaround for this kind of error, too.

Reconstruction of events

According to reports from several users who have accessed over the past few hours, this error was initially detectable after the latest updates to iOS. In this case, again according to user testimonials, the situation will not improve even by uninstalling and reinstalling the app. The same problem (with the onset of black screen) will also occur if I listen to a vowel, and then go back to the chat.

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A major bug could have popped up recently, which would be related to voice messages instead. For example, after sending a video, the user can no longer send audio messages until the WhatsApp application is closed and reopened.

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Fortunately, the developers are always constantly working on this kind of problems and bugs in general and we are sure that they will be resolved in a short time: we just have to wait for further updates from the company, which we are sure will not be long in coming in the days or the next few weeks.