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WhatsApp, the scam code steals everything from you in one minute: if you are not careful they will find out all your passwords


WhatsApp – Upload photos –

WhatsApp and code fraud. In the blink of an eye they will steal everything from you. What exactly is happening?

There is no doubt that despite the field news that occurs every day, she is still her The most widely used instant messaging applicationSorry, exploited In the world. In fact, we’ve all installed it, some before and some later, ourselves Mobile phone Or too Another device From the mobile network, connect yourself. account Or even open more than one.

It has since appeared as well WhatsApp Web Allowing us to have it on our computers even when We are working We do not separate ourselves from office to use. This has made it possible for more and more celebrities to start Call to action this way. Yes, let’s say so Classic video calls Which used to play its part to greet a relative, friend or better half has now also invaded Work environment.

We can also say the same about him Different groupswhose number of participants has also increased significantly thanks to the very delicious possibility. Invite more peopleMany editorial teams communicate here and agree not only on the work to be done, but also on assignments Which should not be missed etc. Exactly the same thing they do Friends and acquaintances On certain occasions.

WhatsApp It is also very popular in use Voice notes Which has replaced calls in many cases. Now we can Create and send even very long ones This made most people who didn’t like it very much turn up their noses appearance communication. Then they were assigned to them. Many gags on social media. Then the videos became instantaneous diffuse.

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WhatsApp, the scam code that steals everything from you

this programand he is in Continuous updating So it offers a lot Eye-catching improvements For many of its users, always accurately freeit looks just right, fresh and On the widget. The graphics are very attractive and the idea of ​​introducing it is your own state Come story It turned out to be more than successful.

However, what she is still particularly active for is… Send text messagesenriching it Expressions for whom Gamma It’s definitely a lot Diverse and wide. As attachments we can We attach everything and more. In short, we can no longer do without it. And so there you have it CriminalsKnowing how much we use it and love it, they thought of beating us through it. Code scam And now Lurking.

Beware of this code
WhatsApp – Upload photos –

So they try to spoil you

That’s basically it New scam Which spreads like wildfire, works like this: You receive exactly WhatsApp A text message from one of our contacts. He asks us to do so Please return the code you sent us by mistake. In fact, the sender is not the person we think he is, but rather he is a fraud. And it didn’t happen which mistake.

We must not only give him back what he asked for, but… Don’t answer him anythingIf we do, we will be able to do it in no time. Sending powerful virusesTo steal our password Our account In addition to other sensitive data. it’s clear Connection To our relative, friend or colleague who searched for us with him It has already been hacked Therefore, using other means, we will have to contact him to warn him.

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