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WhatsApp Privacy: Three Almost Invisible Tricks

WhatsApp Privacy: Three Almost Invisible Tricks

What are the easiest ways to increase the level of privacy on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in Italy. However, few people know that the application settings allow you to have a very high level of privacy against snooping and malicious people.

Continuing to read the article you will be able to discover it Top three tricks for WhatsApp For a very high level of privacy.

WhatsApp Privacy: Three Best Tricks to Be Almost Invisible

to increase privacy The WhatsApp You must intervene Settings menu.
Once here, select File“Privacy” option And choose all the options shown, one by one.
The and options that need to be addressed are:

  1. last seen and online;
  2. personal picture;
  3. informations;
  4. condition;
  5. Read receipts
  6. groups
  7. location in real time.

As an initial step, where possible among the options considered, Privacy must be set From each of these options, From “Everyone” to “My Contacts”so you can exclude someone from viewing your information simply by deleting them from your address book.

Besides, it will also be important turn off read receipts, In a way that does not allow the sender of the message to know that what was sent to you with messages has been read blue tick.

In addition to, If you do not want all your contacts to see your informationSome need to be hidden. You can select “exclude my contacts” to exclude some specific ones.

In addition to It is possible to allow only some specified contacts to see our information.

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It is very important that you do not make your site available to anyone, that is Set “My Location” to “None”.
This way, you can exclude showing your already shared location in some chats.

WhatsApp Security: Enable security notifications

Even if your WhatsApp chats are protected with end-to-end encryption, it is recommended to activate it Receive notifications if a contact in an encrypted chat changes their security code.

on me android you will have to Open WhatsApp To determine “settings“, and then “accounts“, So “safetyIn this list it will be necessary Activate the option:Show security notifications on this device

The procedure for enabling this function Iphone It is (also) about b General Settings from the smartphone. In particular, from the device settings menu, select “accounts“, and then “Security notificationsThen activate the function.Show security notifications on this phone.”

Please note that if WhatsApp is used on other devices with the same account, the procedure must be followed for each device.

WhatsApp Web: Log out

Finally, one of the last processes has to do with using WhatsApp on your computer’s web browser.

If you forgot to log out after closing the browser, whatever computer must be turned on, He may be using your account The WhatsApp to me king liking.

accordingly, We recommend to anyone You want to use WhatsApp on the web from a computer to remember, at the end of using it, To click on the three vertical dots in chats and select “Disconnect”.

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With these three WhatsApp tricks, it will be possible to enjoy a high level of privacy, being immune from identity theft or, simply put, breaches of your confidentiality.