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WhatsApp Pink Notifier: Do not trust appearances

Stay away from WhatsApp Pink. Modifying the seemingly harmless GUI can expose your phone to data theft. Bell expert.

Don’t be fooled by the cute looks. Several days ago, suspicious links were circulated on various social networks that, in theory, They should allow you to change the interface WhatsApp from a purely aesthetic point of view. In this case, the main rule applies: Never click on links if you are not completely sure what opens. At first glance, it doesn’t seem a bad thing, as it is supported by some “Support” screens. In fact, downloading what the link recommends will allow you to bring a new version of the app to your smartphone: Pink WhatsApp.

Nothing cool, just a new look for the world’s most popular messaging app. But it is best not to trust too much in appearances and there are several reasons not to trust such a link. Also because there are important precedents, in the form of innocent aesthetic copies, There were real hacking attempts. It’s not law, of course, but it’s a simple rule of thumb. On the other hand, we all agree that our conversations not only travel through WhatsApp but also a part of our private life.

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The innocent look is deceptive: what really is WhatsApp Pink

Pink WhatsApp virus
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Then a little bit of wisdom doesn’t hurt. First of all, it is good to note that this pink version is not available in any of the official channels. Neither Google Play, nor Android, or the other app store. But not only that: the link exclusively points to the download APK file, that is, in contradiction to international dictates regarding network security. In these cases, in fact, the danger is that you find malware in your smartphone, as well as malware. It is not certain that it could happen but the mere fact that it is a possibility is a clear call for caution.

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Many programmers raised the alarm. However, remember that in 2015 something similar happened with blue skin. Until then, it was neither a restyling nor a purely aesthetic function. Quite the opposite: downloading this version was equivalent to connecting your smartphone (with all its data) To an unknown hacker. His intentions, you know, are never good. Better to cherish the experiences and let them go. Green isn’t a bad color after all …