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WhatsApp, new feature “Delete for me”

WhatsApp, new feature “Delete for me”

The novelty of “accidental deletion”

Actually “accidental deletion” has a dual purpose. On the one hand, in fact, it is true that it allows you to recover a message deleted by mistake, but above all it allows you to retrace your steps if you accidentally clicked “Delete for me” instead of “Delete for everyone”.

Here’s what she can actually do

Prior to the recent Meta messaging update, the error could not be fixed and a message you did not want to deliver (if deleted “for me”) was inevitably read by the recipient. Now, with the new functionality, you have a few seconds to cancel Delete for me, in order to get the message back, at which point, you can delete it using the Delete for Everyone option.

Among the upcoming new features, there is one that will allow WhatsApp users Use the same number on multiple smartphones and tablets (max 4).

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