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WhatsApp is updated and allows you to modify the application as you prefer: so you have complete freedom


There is a very important update coming to WhatsApp: soon you will be able to enjoy complete freedom in modifying the application.

WhatsApp is certainly the main messaging service found on all smartphones, but in recent years competition with other applications has become increasingly fierce: e.g. Telegram is becoming more and more preferredanother instant messaging platform that many consider more complete and convenient than the Meta-owned app.

WhatsApp: The new feature arrives to change the appearance of the application as desired (

Telegram on base It has many additional features compared to WhatsApp These have convinced many users to use this messaging app as their main service for sending messages to friends, relatives and acquaintances. But to try to beat Telegram’s competition, the WhatsApp development team thought carefully Many updates are released to add different features to the applicationSome of them are taken directly from Telegram itself.

WhatsApp: An update is coming to modify the application as you wish

The WhatsApp application has changed a lot in recent years and many new features have been added that were not present at the beginning of the application’s development: but not limited to, we can highlight the addition of the ability to Speed ​​up voice messages or The opportunity for users to delete messages even after sending them in the chatRecently, the ability to pin messages within chats or… Great channel news Which is considered the pioneer in meta management.

WhatsApp application topics
WhatsApp theme change function arrives (

All these new features have been taken from Telegram since its inception and this is what users are looking for most within the messaging service and in the future there could also be another great new feature taken from Telegram which is The ability to change the appearance of the application according to your desire and tastes.

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Currently, this is only possible in WhatsApp settings Change the chat background and choose between dark theme and light theme (Even if in fact they follow those set by default in the operating system): these possibilities have been considered a bit restrictive by users who instead on Telegram have great possibilities for customization by also being able to intervene in the colors.

According to what was reported by the team of beta testers of the application who researched the initial versions of the application, in the not too distant future There may be a new update for WhatsApp that changes the entire look of the app. In addition to the classic theme, the one with the green message box, it will also be possible to choose from other themes that will change the main color of the application, the message boxes and all the details in the color of your choice.


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