Saturday, July 20, 2024

WhatsApp improves video calling: here’s what’s changed


Finally, the Meta brings some basic functionality for business video calls to WhatsApp, increases the maximum number of participants and improves audio and video quality.

Which WhatsApp Both chat application, Calls and video calls The most widely used in the world, with over 2 billion users, it is well known. But it is also known that users of this platform use it mainly for private communications: in fact, WhatsApp has never reached the telecom sector. Business communicationspigeon Zoom in, difference, he meets Other platforms are significantly more successful.

And also because it integrates more advanced tools for making this type of calls and video calls, which in the case of business communications can make the difference between choosing one platform or another. Meta knows this, and despite the significant delay compared to the competition, it has begun implementation Missing jobs. The first ones have just arrived.

WhatsApp video calls: what’s new

With a post on the official blog of WhatsAppMeta has just announced what has changed in the past few hours in the platform’s desktop and mobile app. There are mainly three new features:

  • Screen sharing with audio
  • Maximum number of participants
  • The speaker is in the foreground

the Share the videoincluding audio, with other members in a video call is an essential aspect of Business job, where it is common to watch audio and video materials with colleagues. Now you can also do this on WhatsApp.

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I Maximum number of participants In the same video call it goes up to 32 people. This change applies to both desktop and mobile apps.

Finally, now Whoever is speaking comes to the fore In the desktop app, it is displayed first in the top bar that displays all participants in the video call.

WhatsApp calls: the new codec

In addition to the changes made to the video calling function, which was just announced, WhatsApp recently made another and hidden technology related to Coding software It is used to compress audio and video streaming data.

The new codec has already been introduced Low bitrate meta (Mello), specifically designed to improve the quality of calls from smartphones when present Little data bandwidth available.

When WhatsApp uses this codec, it actually manages to deliver better performance Reducing echo and background noise.

Thus, the transmitted audio is cleaner and more understandable than that compressed using the previous Opus codec. It also improves Video qualityespecially if the available connection is very fast.


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