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WhatsApp, how to transfer from Android to iPhone: practical guide

WhatsApp, how to transfer from Android to iPhone: practical guide

If you bought a new mobile phone and decided to switch between Android model and iPhone, you will have doubts about how to transfer the “old” data to the new mobile phone. Among all of this, what you will probably be most keen to use on your new mobile phone are Whatsapp chats which have now become one of the most widely used instant messaging services. Even those who have never had to deal with this type of movement can easily follow the instructions that we are about to provide and proceed with transferring the application to iPhone.

Transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone and how to do it – (

All steps of data transfer

The biggest concern, of course, is risk Data loss in transit. But this possibility can be overcome by following a careful procedure so that the text messages and photos collected are not lost over time.

Activate iPhone

First of all it is necessary Activate iPhone. This is a mandatory step that must precede data transfer. The mobile phone must be configured as required by the instructions provided by the iPhone itself. Only then can migration be carried out. A process that can only start after you have backed up your Android device.

Reset iPhone settings

At this point, if you intend to use “Go to iOS.”“Then it will be necessary to proceed with a factory reset of the iPhone, so that all the data on the new mobile phone will be deleted and it will be ready to welcome the new data.

Use this application

The best and perhaps fastest way to accomplish this transformation is to use “I Tulab Whats Go.” It has proven to be a reliable and lossless tool during migration and is invaluable, above all, if you intend to move to iOS. This app allows you to transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone and vice versa without any problem; There is no need to factory reset your new mobile phone, it allows you to transfer even large files without crashing, it also provides the ability to transfer any data and is compatible with thousands of Android mobile phones.

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WhatsApp, follow the movement instructions – (

The application must be installed on the computer and then transferred to the mobile phone

The only limitation, if we want to define it this way, is that this application works It is first installed on your computer Only then will it be possible, by selecting Whatsapp, to transfer data using “Whatsapp Transfer”. Then simply connect the mobile phones to the computer. In the case of Android, you’ll need to proceed with USB debugging, while for iPhone, you’ll need to go to Trusted. After that we continue the Whatsapp backup process. At this point, the Messaging app should have been successfully transferred and your iPhone will restart.