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WhatsApp, how to remove blue ticks from reading messages: the trick

WhatsApp, how to remove blue ticks from reading messages: the trick

One of the most used instant messaging applications in the world WhatsApp is not just a way to interact with your contacts But many consider it a real social network and therefore it has the advantages and disadvantages of this type of virtual platform that creates a lot of interactions. However, the many that they use WhatsApp often ignores the risks of personal data privacy that can be provided by the application. For example, it is possible that an offline person may interact with the application by violating a series of rules.


WhatsApp for this reason to remove the blue tick

Very common job dI WhatsApp and in some cases disputed it is a blue tick Which reveals to whom the message was sent if it arrived but also if it was read. to Some is a job that creates misunderstandings and even quarrels That is why one wonders if it is possible to eliminate it, leaving the interlocutor in the dark about the possible and confirmed access to contact. How to remove blue ticks from WhatsApp?

The blue ticks can be removed with some precautions: let’s see what to do if we want to delete this service from our app with this in mind likeWe activate it and we can also suffer from it so we don’t complain Our messages are not answered. Blue tick removal is very easy: You have to go on Settings then in chat and then Disable read confirmation. Only the way to access settings changes between iOS and Android. Remember that once this function is deactivated, the read confirmation will not arrive either for messages sent or received.

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WhatsApp- Solonotizie24

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WhatsApp updates and news coming soon

instant messenger The well-known WhatsApp is constantly updating It brings to its functions a lot of novelties that are highly appreciated by many users around the world.

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according toSome reliable sources will soon introduce new stickers It will customize the functions which will make the exchange of messages between users more attractive and exciting.