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WhatsApp, How to Recover Deleted Message: The Amazing Trick


Sometimes it happens that important WhatsApp messages get deleted and anxiety rises to know how to recover them. There is always a way!

Message deleted-(

WhatsApp is one of The most important applications Which is used daily for many purposes: from The world of work To the point of staying in constant contact with friends and relatives and exchanging some words.

You can have a good time tooSend photos or videos Or messages that we care about most.

But what if Did we delete one by mistake? Is it possible to restore it in order to preserve it?

Sometimes too To save some space In the phone’s internal memory, we tend to do so Delete texts Which we do not consider important but it often happens that we also delete important texts.

Come Is it possible to restore them? Is there a way?

Trick to recover messages

WhatsApp Backup-(

WhatsApp is a messaging application More advanced and more widely used On this planet and its constant updates are constantly improving it.

Among the positive functions that WhatsApp has There definitely is to support Which ensures the ability to recover unintentionally deleted messages.

Backup is one of the most used methods to recover deleted texts or messages. The backup actually has Ability to save messages Before the data we deleted the conversations.

There are also some real ones Applications and platforms capable of recovery Texts that we intend to make available again.

Messages on Android

As we know there is a difference between Android and iPhone devicesThe former actually mainly depends on the operating system of Google.

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What happens if you delete Whatsapp messages on Android? Compared to iPhone, recovering Whatsapp messages is possible, moreover, Ensuring greater capabilities Recovery compared to what happens on iPhone where the app saves data on both On the cloud and locally.

We remind you that in order to recover deleted messages from WhatsApp, the smartphone must be linked to phone number At the same time Google account.

What procedures should be followed to recover deleted messages? You must first uninstall it Whatsapp application then reinstall it and accept Restore backups Found on Google Drive or in the memory From our phone.

Once the functions appear on the screen, it will be possible Also choose dates Of the messages to be retrieved.

Furthermore, it is also possible to use Google Drive: go to Settings from the menu that opens. Then we click on the item Chat e Let’s touch on functionality Chat backup And check the date of the last backup made.

Let’s go back to the settings and click on the gear wheel icon and go to the item account On the Google logo Let’s check it outE-mail address mentioned.

After this process, you need to uninstall Whatsapp and download it again Messages should be reported It has been deleted thanks to the backup made.

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