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WhatsApp how to automatically reply to messages: an unusual trick

WhatsApp how to automatically reply to messages: an unusual trick

Check out a way on WhatsApp to automatically reply to messages. So let’s see how to use the new trick in the app.

How to use the cheat in the instant messaging service (via a screenshot)

There are many tricks The WhatsApp Both those to be discovered within the application and those discovered by users and applicable with third party applications. Giant developers deadHowever, they still have to devise a bot that is ready to respond automatically, which could be especially useful when we are busy at work, or when we don’t have the ability to control Our smartphone. However, there is currently a third-party app that can satisfy even the busiest of users.

In fact, the app is called “Answer machineAnd it allows us to put one Auto answer, which can be sent multiple times and how long the user will take. In fact, there are many answers that can be set, such as “OK“,”Origin“,”we see them“or also”I’m on my way now, let’s talk laterIn addition, this app also has a timer, which allows us to set the time it runs.

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WhatsApp, it will soon be possible to dictate a message: how to do it

The WhatsApp
The new trick to use it in the app (via screenshot)

It is now used by almost everyone in the world The WhatsApp Every day, with the app that lets everyone text and call for free. Moreover, its use is becoming increasingly necessary for everyday life. Users, every day, find more and more ways to simplify the use of giant Menlo Park. For example, a trick appeared for Dictate text messages the speech synthesizer.

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In fact, all users can use the speech machine automatically installed inside the smartphone to dictate a written message. So just say on your cell phone: “ok googleThen you will have to add:Send a WhatsApp message to…Finally, proceed by dictating the message that will be sent to this person. Alternatively, you can use the app”voice to text‘Free for both of them’ App Store in order to Play Store.