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WhatsApp, how do we hide our last login and see others

WhatsApp, how do we hide our last login and see others

How can we hide our recent movements on WhatsApp and at the same time see the movements of others even when they are hidden.

WhatsApp How to see and hide the last access images from the web

WhatsApp has an advantage That we can equal the full Jabula, thanks to which we will be able to preserve our privacy by preventing others from discovering our movements within the application.

Want to know how to hide our last access from our contacts in the address book? Nothing is easier. And we can do that because it’s a potentially useful procedure. Sometimes there is the need to somehow hide or restrict our presence in any way.

However, at the same time, we will be able to use WhatsApp as usual. To hide from others on our last access you have to do this, and follow a very simple procedure.

WhatsApp how to do the trick

Pictures from the web

Among other things, a recipient who is particularly interested in us may have done so with us: includes changing privacy settings by removing the option to view messages. We can do it like everyone else in WhatsApp.

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But if we’re lucky enough to join the shared chat when he’s online too, we’ll know at that moment. In the end, just change what the default preferences are in the settings menu to what they are The most used messaging app in the world.

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We can also decide when to put our presence on, choose to always appear online, or show ourselves busy or invisible.

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In addition to the ability to choose a group of contacts that always appear to us online or to hide from life during our lifetime. We will notice this from the circle in which our account photo is inserted.