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WhatsApp, here's how to read deleted messages: the trick

WhatsApp, here’s how to read deleted messages: the trick

For some time now, to the sheer joy of the impulsive and insecure, it has been around The WhatsApp Ability to delete messages, photos and voice notes that have already been sent / and if the recipient has not yet read, seen or listened to. But – in fact – it seems to be there, too A way for recipients to also read what we’ve moved to the trash

WhatsApp, even deleted messages can be recovered by the recipient. Shocking news!

Users started shivering, especially those who cried with joy when they charged, yes, indeed, it was true that messages and various multimedia contents were sent to other people on whast app, Without being able to read or see it, it’s only obvious if they weren’t able to do so before.

However, it must also be said that when something is deleted, the recipient will see such a message“This message has been deleted” Thus he can also doubt our choice. But now it seems that Deleted messages can be recovered Thus the recipient also reads it. Likes? Let’s find out together…

Android apps that let us do this

In practice, there are many applications that will allow you to do this. The first thing we refer to is WhatsRemoved, available for Android, which asks permission for Read and save WhatsApp notifications on your smartphone e Records every incoming message. user then You can choose to keep it freely All messages, including multimedia files such as photos, audios and videos, only text messages or even just deleted messages.

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WhatsRemoved However, it is good to emphasize it clearly, Doesn’t work at all if conversations are silent (Offline), if battery saver is activated and if the sender deletes the sent message immediately.

The second application that we referred to is NotificationHistory and it is Available only and exclusively for Android. It has a great advantage, very great has no limits, always working and in each mode of the respective mobile phones. Practically speaking, this application creates a link to the notification center of the system where it will be enough to search for the “WhatsApp” item and at this point as if magically, The deleted message will be detected in the line «android.text».

The third app we highly recommend, always and only for Android, is Nova launcher Which is really very, very useful to directly access your notification history. How do you do it? Well, keep going Activities, Then Settings and choose Notification log To create a shortcut on the home screen. This way it will be possible Enter the notification date NS Then find your hard deleted WhatsApp messages by the user. But beware: it would be possible to do it Only for those who are already Viewed or accidentally neglected. As if that wasn’t enough, they can Display only the first 100 characters of the message Deleted, so if a message is too long, it can’t be fully read.

Here’s how to do it if you own an iPhone

If you own an iPhone There are other applications that can help us in this direction. Example?

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Dr. Fon It is a data recovery program that eliminates this problem. How it works? You have to install the software, connect the device to the PC and give the required permissions.

A window will open to choose from WhatsApp messages and attachments To start scanning the files to be recovered (in the case of strongly hated messages, photos, videos or voice messages) and click on “Restore” and then on “Restore device” to see Deleted messages appear magically on your mobile phone.