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WhatsApp has a secret microphone and camera: how to find them

WhatsApp has a secret microphone and camera: how to find them

Many believe that now we really know everything about WhatsApp. This is not really the case: in this article we will talk about the secret microphone and camera of the green app. Both can be very beneficial to you.

WhatsApp platform secrets: microphone and camera (

Why can WhatsApp achieve so much success even if more and more competing platforms are emerging? Perhaps a lot of credit can be found in the constant updates that Meta releases for one of its most important applications. These frequent updates deliver a series of improvements Which meets the needs of an increasingly larger user audience. Suffice it to say that, according to what appeared in the latest data, there are more than two billion users of the WhatsApp application around the world.

Moreover, with the green application it is possible to chat, including group chats, Make calls and video callsPost status updates, stories, send photos, videos, documents, and more. Those who have been using this messaging platform for several years are convinced that they know all its secrets. But is it really like this?

WhatsApp secrets: microphone and camera

The “Tips for You” page on Instagram, which has nearly 97,000 followers, published a video clip showing some details about the WhatsApp application that many users do not know. This is the secret microphone and camera, two elements that can make the experience of using the popular app more satisfying. But how do you find them?

Whatsapp hidden camera
Hidden WhatsApp features that almost no one knows about: all the details (

Among the many popular features of WhatsApp there is also the feature that allows you to send voice messages in chat. Usually to do this we go to click On the microphone icon in the appOr the one at the bottom right inside the green dot. In the video it is recommended not to continue in this way, but to tap on the empty space as if you want to write a message to bring up the virtual keyboard and Click the other microphone iconWhich we will always find on the right.

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How to find hidden camera

Why this choice? This does not send a voice message: In fact, the function will transcribe what we say into text in the chat. By doing this, we do not risk someone else listening to our audio.

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp also has a secret camera. Click and hold on the text field, Then tap Extract Text to turn your keyboard into a camera. You can take photos of the printouts and send them in text format to whomever you want: another “gem” of the green application that only a few people know about.