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Whatsapp: Finally the functionality we all wanted, absolutely for everyone

The development of modern technologies has made many people accustomed to it New ways to communicatemaking deals Faster and more instant. We no longer communicate like a long time ago, when Send an SMS It was an option to consider, given the exact unreachable cost. Among the various modifications of Mobile phones and services developmentSending a message is now a daily action we all do.

Among the many messaging services, it always remains the most used The WhatsApp. The popular instant messaging service which has been acquired since 2014 by meta group, certainly achieved incredible success in Italy. In fact, they count 33 million devices Italians who have downloaded the app from its release to date.

All this is combined with use whatsapp web, or the ability to access and use the Service directly from your favorite computer browser. These and other functions make WhatsApp an incomparable assistant In everyday life, whether communicating with a friend, family member or work groups.

WhatsApp features

Here is the new WhatsApp

in the past few years WhatsApp introduced features Long awaited by the entire user community. Features for improvement Quality of use From the service, in order to provide Competitive WhatsApp Not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of functionality in the face of many competitors.

WhatsApp has also expanded its target audience, Going from being a simple instant messaging app to a file 360 degree platform With a lot of side features: via WhatsApp In fact, it is possible to send any type of file, such as photos, videos, or documents, making it a great business tool. It is also possible with one of the latest updates send high quality photos, Without pressure WhatsApp spoils them e Here we explain how to do that.

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Among the most used functions there are also those related to calls and video calls. So the service has become a reference point also for those who want to make phone calls and video calls to their loved ones or friends and with the latest updates and Increase the number of participants (from 8 to 32) These functions can also be used for work and hobbies. Here we tell you about all the news related to it.

Accidental deletion of WhatsApp

Text message Screenshot of deleting messages
How do you fit?

From India the first reports and indiscretions New feature that WhatsApp He seems intent on adding. The function is called Accidental deletion And according to rumors, it should be available in Europe and the rest of the world soon. The first crumbs of the job were spotted at Beta for Android last June.

This will be the new job very useful pFor those who don’t tend to think too much when sending a message and now they might be able to Avoid bad impressions to individual contacts or groups. Not bad for sure.

If we send A message that we want to delete next In order not to allow other users to read it, There is already a function to delete sent messages also from the chat of other users. But if it was for one other’s fault, we had to Simply click “Delete for me”at which point it will be impossible to avoid a bad impression, since we can no longer delete the message from the recipient’s chat.

with accidental deletion This problem can be overcome, making messaging sessions more secure even when they are done in a hurry. In fact it would be possible for a user who made a mistake to “come back” within 5 seconds maxto change the check and correctly restore the accidentally deleted message.

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at that point The “The message was deleted for me” dialog box will appear. And you will be able to Select “Cancel” To return the message to its available state and to make it clearable from the other person’s chat.

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