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Whatsapp, beta testers discover: a great novelty is about to arrive


WhatsApp beta testers have reported an interesting discovery for sure: a great newness is on its way.

WhatsApp is constantly updated Beta testers know this all too well, that is, users who are registered with the messaging application program that allows you to try new features in advance. Recently, the latter reported a long-awaited novelty, which excited all users. Soon we will have access to the feature that many have been waiting for.

WhatsApp, beta testers discover: an amazing novelty is coming –

Created in 2009 and acquired by the Meta Group five years later, WhatsApp is the most used and popular messaging platform in the world. Since its launch, it has attracted millions and millions of users by giving them the opportunity to exchange text messages and more with their contacts. Today there are two billion subscribers who use the app every day.

Over the years the service has undergone several changes. WhatsApp has undergone many updates and the range of functions has gradually become more complete and diversified. The latest news reported by beta testers, Relates to platform communitiesa feature that was released about a year ago.

WhatsApp, what are communities and how do they work

With communities, the WhatsApp team has provided users with the ability to organize the groups they belong to. The feature allows you to create subgroupswhich can be divided according to a specific topic, in order to simplify and speed up the experience of members.

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WhatsApp What are the communities
WhatsApp Community: what it is and how it works –

As the platform itself explained in a note, it is possible “Group separate groups into a larger group” According to your needs and interests. Users also have the ability to Receive updates sent to the entire community e Easily organize smaller discussion groups Focus on different topics.

This feature allows you to give each subgroup any name you want, along with a description and a profile picture. Each community can have a maximum of 10 groups. Once you create your ads section, the ads section appears automatically. This chat can be used by moderators to share communications and news in line with the topic.

In this way, it will be easy for every user to keep up to date with the latest topics that interest him the most. This is a very useful feature for those who, for example, run a company and need to send important notifications to multiple contacts.

Community news

Thanks to the community you can think of Organizing a specific projectAnd Place each contact in the relative subgroup to his specific job, where all the necessary information will be provided. Similarly, the feature can be used to get updates on your hobbies. Fans of movies, music or video games can gather in special subgroups.

WhatsApp community news
Community News –

when the feature is launched This was followed by the arrival of additional featuresUseful for community management. In particular regarding the role of managers, who thanks to their moderation functions have the possibility to delete messages deemed inappropriate. They can also send files up to 2GB in size.

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Then the developers announced that they were in the works To bring more newsSuch as creating polls within group chats, the ability to make calls with 32 users and create groups of up to 1024 users. All updates were enthusiastically welcomed by subscribers, who will also soon be able to take advantage of a new feature.

the last wasis foundBy beta testers, who noticed the appearance of a function that is certainly not new to WhatsApp subscribers, but that it has not appeared in the Community section before. We are talking about feedback messages, which are undoubtedly aimed at making the activity of moderators more effective.

A new feature is coming soon: all about reactions in communities

The update allows you to Reply to a message via emoji, making it easier for administrators to receive feedback. The feature dedicated to reactions, since its introduction in traditional chats, has always been highly appreciated by users.

WhatsApp, the new feature is coming soon
Feedback also comes in the WhatsApp community –

This way it is possible give a quick and immediate response to the message, For example, expressing your agreement with a heart or a thumbs up, is often useful for ending a conversation when you have (or can’t find) anything else to add.

Communities, in any case, guarantee maximum privacy to the members of each subgroup. The user number is not visible to other participants And even as reactions come to light, this remains hidden. Anyone who wants to use the feature can sign up for the WhatsApp Beta test program, which can be downloaded from Google Play.

Or, alternatively, the version that allows access to functions under development is also available on the APK Mirror site. In conclusion, as WaBetaInfo reports, some users may not be able to use the feature in larger groups (up to 1024 participants). Therefore, the advice is to try to use feedback in the less numerous communities.

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