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WhatsApp and the message without typing (but not in the usual voice)

WhatsApp and the message without typing (but not in the usual voice)

Almost unknown function but saves a lot of time. Voice message without opening WhatsApp.

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Lately, we’ve been talking about it mostly about potential changes related to various privacy updates, but in fact, there’s always something to discover about WhatsApp. even because of It is undoubtedly the most used app By most smartphone owners, and as such, the most diverse needs should be met. And above all, to the dictates of convenience that similar devices increasingly demand. WhatsApp embodies a bit of all of this.

From being able to send messages to quickly exchanging content, the Facebook-led app has cemented its leadership over the years (it fell a bit a few months ago, When updating the privacy terms It may cause a mass migration to Telegram). Now, it is improving its tools allowing users to save more time on sending messages. It seems impossible. however…

WhatsApp, messages without touching the screen: the previously unknown function

Not everyone knows it but there is a very fast way to chat, able to send our message without having to use your fingers to type it. In practice, WhatsApp aims to save us even from the “problem” of lifting and moving the thumb when typing. The job in question, in fact, Able to form words and sentences Simply “sliding” directly onto the screen. Use your voice but not to write a voice message, but to type it just by speaking. Trick provided by Android, which however requires activation.

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The use of voice recognition is, in fact, an option allowed by smartphones traveling on Android which, after activation (through information, then saying “Ok Google”), It will allow you to send a message on WhatsApp Just talking. The first command to activate will require the following words: “Send a WhatsApp message to…”. Enter a name of your choice and then refer the name you want to the desired contact. A quick method that won’t even require you to open the app.

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