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What would happen if they voted only 'the best' - Libero Quotidiano

What would happen if they voted only ‘the best’ – Libero Quotidiano

Fausto Carioti

Dear Fausto, are we sure that universal suffrage is progress? The equality of men and women is absolutely correct, but … to drive a car, I must study the highway code and master the use of two or four wheels. To get a diploma, I have to study for an appropriate number of years. In order to obtain various licenses, I must have an impeccable criminal record, etc. Many people know nothing, neither the constitution, nor any idea of ​​the law, nor read newspapers, nor watch political broadcasts, and they can easily be influenced or bought for something. And they also want 16-year-olds to vote! I dream that we have to do a little test to get a certificate of eligibility to choose who will judge us. Of course, the test must also be taken by those who apply for judgment (I do not give examples). Then … I tell myself that voting in general is of little use, in fact many have given up, realizing that if you vote on one side and then your chosen one changes their shirt, you feel like you’re on a run. Ultimately, decisions are made ‘elsewhere’. However, I will continue to vote. Deceived!

Marta Di Poli

Of course, universal suffrage breeds monsters, dear Marta. First of all, because it does not reward the people who are most able to manage and make laws, but the one who spends the most public money, shoots the biggest money, and knows best how to manipulate social envy and other worse voters’ feelings. But most of the problems do not come from ignorance, but from stupidity, and this is known to be democratic and class: it is prevalent among the masters and the illiterate, the rich and the landless. The entrance examination for political rights you are talking about will benefit scholars at the expense of others, without solving the problem. Who will control the consoles? Don’t you think that among the requirements to be part of the Serie A citizens, they would put respect for gender identity and all the other commandments imposed by the new secular religion? Universal suffrage is bad, but any alternative is worse.

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