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What to eat to get - Libero Quotidiano

What to eat to get – Libero Quotidiano

horrific story of Little Valley, in California. 52-year-old woman, Shayna JulietI got trapped Six days in the snow And miraculously survived. with her friend Justin Lunich48, got stuck in a snowstorm while driving to Interstate 44 about 160 miles from Sacramento and 115 miles northwest of Reno.

Once they ended up on a dirt road, the two women could no longer continue. After spending the night in the car, the next morning they tried to continue their journey but when the car’s battery completely ran out, they had nothing left. Set out on foot In fresh snow, heading to the highway hoping to find help. At one point, however, local reports explain, Shayna Gullit took off the soles of her shoes, effectively preventing her from continuing the journey. Buddy Justin has moved on to seek help for her as well. However, once she returns, she can no longer do so Determine its geolocation. Lonich spent two nights on the road, with a temporary fire, and the surrounding woods. So I was finally able to get to the first town, Susanville, thus sounding the alarm for the Lassen County sheriff.

After days of useless patrols, Lunich and the deputy arrived at the abandoned car, inside of which Juliet was locked. Healthy and safe, albeit physically and psychologically tested. Rescuers said the 52-year-old “did” rationing bundle of Six of yogurtHe eats one a day. He had no water and ate snow.”

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