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'What they found inside', a disturbing international issue - Libero Quotidiano

‘What they found inside’, a disturbing international issue – Libero Quotidiano

in a Egypt The robots were also captured and held in their cells. It’s all true: it happened in Cairo, where the artificial creature invented in Britain was accused by two Oxford engineers of being a British spy, and for this reason was imprisoned for ten days. She is a robot artist, not a spy. Clearly between shock and pleasure, Aidan Meller, one of its creators, declared the stunning situation.

“It’s ironic: the purpose of Ai-Da (as the bot is called, editor) is specifically to warn men about the misuse of technology, and instead, it has been discontinued precisely because of its technology structure,” Miller commented. Practically speaking, the robots, famous all over the world for their paintings that they drew in complete independence for two years, were to be exhibited at the Forever is Now exhibition of contemporary art, scheduled in Cairo. Only the intervention of the British Embassy allowed the situation to be resolved, with the release of the robotic artist by the Egyptian authorities.

The misunderstanding was the fact that Ai-Da offers some The cameras are inside. It is the most advanced and highly realistic artificial creature created in recent years, as well as the first to take part in an art exhibition: after its release, Ai-Da was able to participate in the exhibition held at the pyramids of the Giza necropolis.