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What rewards can be claimed during the year? Let’s see them together!

The system is full of rewards and benefits, many of which tend to escape even the most knowledgeable of them. In the following article we report on some rewards due by December 31st: Let’s see it together!

The The rewards Italians can demand by the end of 2022 There are 32, and they relate to the most diverse and contrasting topics. Since recently Psychiatrist’s awardeven the lesser known Additional lifts And pets: let’s see which one is the most specific and the most specific.

Bonuses accrued during the year: what are the most important ones?

Bonus - 2021-03122021

One of the rewards that expires at the end of the year is the bonusrent for youth: This is a bonus aimed at singles or young couples who intend to go live on their own. To use it is necessary To have certain requirements, both economic and income.

Expires at the end of December there too Gasoline bonusAny vouchers worth €200 are available to corporate employees. In times of fuel crunch, this bonus is very useful and effective.

Finally there Rewards conditioner: It turns out that this is very much needed to cope with the recent scorching summers. The reward can be paid to whom Buy a higher energy class air conditionerYou will be able to benefit from a bonus of 50% or 65% based on the income.

Here are other bonuses that expire on December 31st

White air conditioning and a stream of fresh cool air against a gray wall background.  The concept of heat, cool air, cooling, freshness.

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Now let’s see the other lesser known bounties that are due to expire by the end of the year. One of the most special is Reward for pets. This allows you to get a 19% discount on your pet’s medical treatment. The maximum payment is 550 euros.

find below Extra umbrellas. This is a 50% discount, worth up to 50 thousand euros for the installation of indoor or outdoor solar shading. It is also applied if you want to install mosquito nets.