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What Professor Barbero said against the Green Pass: Video

What Professor Barbero said against the Green Pass: Video

Phra Fiola, Alley. Rowe.
06 September 2021 21:54

Alessandro Barbero vs. Green Pass. A full-time professor of medieval history at the University of East Piedmont and a TV celebrity as a regular guest at Super Quark, he spoke at a conference held by Phom-Sigil in Florence last September 4th. He strongly condemned the “hypocrisy” of the green Govt anti-certificate, despite his support for the vaccine duty. One thing to say is, “We have decided that vaccination is mandatory, and as a result we are now introducing duty ‘. I can say nothing about this. Another thing is that’ no, there ‘is no duty, but you can no longer live, you can no longer You can not go by train, you can not go to university anymore.

In addition, Barbero was one of more than 300 Italian academics who signed a document against the green pass to participate in university lectures. “The appeal seeks to reaffirm the inclusive role of the university, underscoring how the Green Pass represents a discriminatory tool. To ensure wide-ranging discussion at the academy and to say no to discrimination, colleagues continue to sign the appeal,” the professor wrote in the appeal against the pass.

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