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What is the truth about the rumors of the resignation of the Pope?

What is the truth about the rumors of the resignation of the Pope?

Some say that Baba about to resign which, on the contrary, argues that also by virtue of Bergoglio’s character, the premise of resignation is destined to remain at the level of uncertain gossip. They are two opposite paths, but both relate to the path taken by the Vatican records this summer: the two paths that spark the second winds of “resignation” in less than ten years for the bishop of Rome.

The condition, when it comes to the Holy See, is lost. It is the beauty of a region where obscurity often stands out and which tends to distinguish itself from political practice, where steps back or to the side are perfectly normal. In this “sector” no: that the pope, l catholic churchIt is a function coming from Christ Himself. And there is no Quirinale to go to in haste, when one has to let go. Nevertheless, the formal possibility of renunciation exists and is governed by canon law: Ratzinger, whatever people say, is no longer the pope, but at least for the time being he remains an exception in history or roughly.

About the sounds of these days, two distinct levels of logic and themes can be distinguished: one is Francis’ position on the possibility of a successor to Peter abdicating; The other is the circulating versions according to which the clinical picture of the Pope is not perfect, so the Pope of South America is about to quit, in favor of a concave new spring scenario. After all, August is the background month par excellence for what matters to the Vatican.

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The first question can be easily confronted: Pope Francis has expressed himself several times, saying that he shares the papal honorary institution. Aldo Maria Valle, a longtime Vatican expert, noted this in his blog, who was remembered by the JesuitThrough an interview, he did not rule out becoming “honorary” in turn. Finally, Bergoglio There is nothing against it: the choice made by Ratzinger could become a practice or in any case cease to represent a rarity. Thus, in the indefinite future, Francis may decide to follow in the footsteps of the German theologian. However, this in no way confirms that the Argentine is about to step down or that he is seriously considering “giving up”.

In search of confirmations or denials about the “resignation” story, everything came to They range from “just a hoax in my opinion” to more sophisticated reversals, which say they are sure Bergoglio did not intend to give up as his predecessor did. There are also, on the contrary, those who argue that there are many Resources To confirm that the Pope’s health is not ideal, but there are no Vatican publications on this matter, while the following apostolic trips are certain.

However, a huge number of “nevertheless” lie in the background of this story: even if the Pope is not well, which, moreover, anyone should avoid hope, and who can be sure that Francis does not choose to choose Saint John Paul IIWho remained on the throne until the last day of his existence on earth? In fact, no one can know what the Jesuits think about it. At the very least, predictions can be made. At least one factor indicates one more than the other.

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There is a subject, in fact, brought up in ecclesiastical circles, devoid of honesty or otherwise of the elements being represented. If Pope Francis really wanted to resign, then he would have to deal with something unique in church history: the co-existence of two popes emeritus, which would be the imminent effect of another abdication from the throne. And an offbeat source would like to tell us that “there is a precedent for his living ancestor… that will create a real irony, something unique and never done in church history, plus undesirable.” resignation Makes science fiction guesses.”

Summarizing: It is true that Bergoglio did not rule out in advance that he would become “emeritus” himself, but there are no elements that indicate that Pope Francis is about to seriously take this step. On the contrary, the honorary pope’s presence in the scene is RatzingerHe even advises against assuming Francesco’s resignation. For many, it will be thundering that the church will not stand this time.