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What is the real role of Russian submarines in the Black Sea

What is the real role of Russian submarines in the Black Sea

They’ll be at least six, but maybe more, me submarines The Russians stationed in the Black Sea off the coast of Sevastopol, to patrol the area and attack with missiles when higher orders arrived. As seen above from the insideThe Ministry of Defense in Moscow announced the launch of a missile Caliber, cruise missiles against some Ukrainian targets. The issue is hot: despite the enormous difficulties by land, Putin’s men could try to compensate with help from the sea.

submarine capacity

Odessa is one of the cities within the scope of these submarines that can also perform other functions: they will be able to obtain important information thanks to advanced electronic tools that combine everything in one Database Rich in information. “They are also used to support frogs and commandos: they take them a few miles from the shore, and then raiders advance by special means. activities covered in the name of confidentiality”, Explained by Giuliano Ranieri, an expert on the topic, interview him Corriere della Sera. In short, the intelligence work of these “sharks” as they are called in terminology, and therefore their presence under the coast is very important.

The role of the kilo

As seen on, the Russian Navy owns at least four submarines kilo Stationed in the Black Sea. Putin also placed Kilos in the Mediterranean capable of firing Kalibr missiles but certainly not against Kyiv, given the distance, not even against NATO countries, if he didn’t want to risk this highly unlikely. A moment looking at the outcome of the conflict in Ukraine. However, this “invisible army” can also reach out to the land because it is made up of well-trained and experienced professionals and they move easily underwater. It must also be said that, surprisingly, what the Ukrainians raised against the Moskva and other Russian military ships calls on Putin’s army not to underestimate the opponent (again).

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What is the second front?

always in courierSo, Ranieri makes it clear that there will be a second In front of me Russian submarines whose role will be more important because they are capable of launching cruise missiles.It was launched from torpedo tubes and could reach targets at a range of 1500-2000 km, a long arm that was baptized with fire in Syria“.Moscow has a reasonable amount to bring him down.”Barracks, military warehouses and training centers far from the front line“Besides Russian fighters and aircraft, which have so far provided little help, these naval vehicles tried to help the army by hitting some targets.

Then there’s also the ingredient logistics Which goes to help Putin with Kalibrs that can replace and make up for the shortage of “smart missiles” that are now increasingly scarce and waiting for supplies. For this reason, at this point in the conflict centered a stone’s throw from the Black Sea coast, the Russians could play the last card to avoid a defeat that would have been unimaginable three months ago.