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What is Pope Francis' "number one" enemy?

What is Pope Francis’ “number one” enemy?

I know Pope Francesco He has an adversary who would like to get rid of him, and this is surely the “chatter” which, according to him, dwells not only within the Roman Curia, but in general also in all other ecclesiastical circles.

For years, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been vocal against attitudes he believes should be excluded from the life and customs of the Catholic Church. last chance to repeat all the aversion Francesco felt towards “chatter“The audience was in the general chapter of the lay clergy of the Theatine Clerics. The Pope, on that occasion, defined this problem within the Church as the ‘greatest epidemic.’ Combined with the problem Bergoglio had already chosen last November of the year, when he spoke About “alumni chatter”.

Two years ago, in September 2020, Bergoglio warned of how “conflicts” and “enmities” derive from “chatter”. Thus the pastoral care on this subject has been going on since, or about, the present Bishop of Rome sitting on the throne of Peter. To say another: to the Archbishop of Paris Michael Opetit The first Jesuit Pope said he was “released” by the Holy Father after rumors of an alleged affair with a woman, and said he had put him aside for the “chatter” that surrounded the story. In short, gossip for Francesco is a paragon of the wrong things. It is a theme that unites him in this sense also with his predecessor, Benedict XVI, who already in 2010 spoke, albeit with some conceptual differences, about how Jesus accompanies believers”To the courage that does not allow itself to be afraid of the gossip of prevailing opinions“.

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During these days, incourt session After the citation, the leitmotif was not modified: “Brothers – The Argentine Pope shouted off the cuff, as he echoed himAdnkronosThe biggest epidemic is in a religious group, in a religious community, when the monks don’t care for each other, actually when the gossip begins. Be devoted men of the gospel, but men“. still: “If you have one thing against another… put on the pants to tell him things to his face or be silent. Or that other standard, tell those who can cure, these are the bosses. But don’t make small groups, that is the spirituality of the ‘worm’ that falls The power of the religious community. No gossip please.”

Francis has often associated the existence of “chatter” with the persistence of doctrinal controversies, whether they were such or not. So to build currents inside Vatican That they have nothing to do with the directives regarding the unity of the Church and its indissolubility that Bergoglio has been repeating for nearly nine years now. The final blow against this problem – a real existential opponent of Pope Francis – according to the Pope’s sovereign approach, could be the well-known reform of the Apostolic Constitution that should amend more than one thing in terms of structures, weights, and weights. Internal counterweights of the Holy See. But the effects of the reform seem to have been lost.