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What is gravity and why doesn't it throw us into space?

What is gravity and why doesn’t it throw us into space?

the Danger It is the gravitational force that massive objects generate toward other nearby masses, whether they are on the surface or in deep space. A well-known example is Earth and Moon System نظام, whose gravity makes the satellite “fixed” in its orbit around the planet. Having said that, have you ever wondered how gravity works?

More than one reliable answer came from the German physicist Albert EinsteinThanks to the development of his most famous works, namely General theory of relativity. Einstein stated that gravity pulls us down because objects with mass “bend” and deform Free time. At this point, the legitimate question is: What is spacetime?

Define this concept The very structure of the universe which, based on Three spatial dimensions, that is, length, width, and depth, contemplate a fourth the time. The German physicist explained that these dimensional elements are intrinsically linked and form a single structure that includes everything. From this he derives the result that, when moving rapidly through space, there is a deceleration in the time of acceleration of the body relative to others.

Thus, gravity is nothing more thanThe effect of distorting the ‘fabric’ of spacetime in the presence of a block. By pure logic, imagine the universe as a plate in tension, a more massive object will bend spacetime more, and attract smaller objects, located near it, toward itself. This deformation generates a region of space with a stretch gravitational fieldIt is called a gravity well. This phenomenon is similar (on a very small scale) to the gravitational force that the Earth exerts on living things and things on its surface.

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In short, gravity works by pulling us down as it follows spacetime distortion of huge objects. So stay tuned, so far it doesn’t seem that any celestial body (no matter how big) or physical phenomenon has the potential to distort spacetime differently and bypass this universal law, which pushes us away from Earth into the astronomical meanders of deep space (a perspective from which you can enjoy some The wonders of our planet).