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What does Elysian Garden do?

What is American society doing?

Aurelio De Laurentiis can collaborate with Elysian Park, a Los Angeles-based company operating in the sports and entertainment sector. The news of the cooperation was launched by Republic Which speaks of the concrete interest of both sides. It will certainly be a turning point from the point of view of the development of the Italian club, with its exponential growth at the international level. Furthermore, the Republic has always talked about the possibility of this happening Club sale by Aurelio De Laurentiiswhich seems to be becoming increasingly possible.

What is Elysian Park

The American company, which is based in Los Angeles, but is also active in other large cities such as New York, announces that it operates in the sports and entertainment sector. Through the official website of Elysian Park, it has been determined that it cooperates with large entrepreneurs, who want to combine sports, technology and entertainment. Revolutionizing the way football is enjoyed has always been a goal of De Laurentiis, who has always been very close to American style as a way of interpreting and enjoying the sport.
But in which sectors does Elysian Park operate and intervene? Through the official platform of the company, you can find out that it operates in many sectors related to sports. It starts with improving athletic performance with new materials for clothing and big data, including science materials. But Elysian Park is also working on improving and modernizing offices, ticket distribution and loyalty.
In addition, the sport is also dedicated to new fruit systems using new media and media, with maximum interaction during the event to give new experiences to the fans. Elysian Park’s areas of expertise also include new sports such as MMA, Formula E and drone racing, as well as X Games.

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