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What he said - Libero Quotidiano

What he said – Libero Quotidiano

In a speech in mid-June, Putin said the consequences of the sanctions would be “A wave of populism” and “changing elites”. Expect, if you take a look at the major Western powers, checks in all respects. The Tsar spoke about it at the Saint Petersburg Forum. Indeed, several heads have fallen since then: Boris Johnson in England, Mario Draghi In Italy. And also Macron Not doing well, after losing a majority in Parliament after the election.

We don’t want to interfere. It’s an internal affair. We cannot help but note that the term of his government coincided with a very unfortunate stage in our bilateral relations ”: This is the comment of the Kremlin spokesperson. Dmitriy Peskov After the resignation of the Prime Minister in Italy. The Russians also distanced themselves from theories about their involvement in the government’s downfall: “What does Russia have to do with that?” A State Department spokeswoman replied. Maria Zakharova. Although not everyone thinks the same way. “Putin’s friend, Giuseppe Conte, is trying to bring down the Draghi government in Italy,” Vladimir Milov, the former Russian deputy energy minister and adviser to his jailed rival Navalnyj, wrote on Twitter a few days ago. Beyond these hypotheses, with the end of the Draghi government – as he explains Republic – “Russian novel on Weakness of Western democracies response to sanctions.

Many political scientists talk about this in Russian newspapers: “The special operation in Ukraine provoked the internal political problems of Western countries, the defeat of French President Emmanuel Macron in front of parliamentarians, the resignation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, serious problems in Germany and now in Italy,” he writes for example Joseph DiskinVice President of the Kremlin Polling Institute. There are also those who continue to predict. “The unrest will be in Italy, Spain, northern Europe, and above all in the UK. But the biggest challenge will be Midterm elections in the United Statessaid Andrei Bystritsky, a member of a think tank near the Kremlin.

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