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What happens in your stomach when you feel an emotion? Results of the Italian study


Emotions, not only in the heart, but also in the stomach. a research La Sapienza University in Rome, in cooperation with the Italian Institute of Technology and the Santa Lucia Foundation, studied the mutual influences between…Digestive system activity that it Range of emotions Created by watching a series of films. The experience has been benefited Special digestible pills Equipped with sensors to be able to show the close relationship between perceived mood and stomach conditions, especially your condition pH. The research was published in the international journal eLife.

“It is known that strong emotions are able to make our hearts beat faster – explains the observation – but the extent to which moods affect other organs or what effect specific physiological conditions have on human emotions, has not yet been proven.” The investigation, supported by European funding from the ERC Advanced Grant eHonesty, focused on the digestive system and the stomach specifically. Through the use of pills it was found that The pH of the stomach is closely related to the perception of different types of emotions. The discovery paves the way for further investigations.

There were 31 participants, all men between the ages of 20 and 30 (to reduce sample variance): They were forced to take Millimeter sized capsule Equipped with sensors capable of measuring pH, temperature and pressure within the digestive tract. These are techniques that have been developed for gastrointestinal tests and treatments and are commonly in use, but are, in psychological studies, an absolute novelty. It clearly shows promise for future research in this area. At the same time the participants were It is also monitored externallyThis is done by measuring the heart rate, electrical (and thus nervous) activity of the stomach, and observing the blinking of eyelashes.

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They have also been shown as stimuli Five types of videos Able to evoke different emotions: fear, disgust, happiness, sadness and an indefinite neutral state. The memorandum adds: “Through the questionnaire filled out by the volunteers, it became clear that the resulting effects are not concentrated only in the heart or lungs, but rather include the stomach directly, and on a truly tangible level, especially in cases of disgust and fear.”

Using in-grain sensors, it was actually possible to obtain pH data in real time. The researchers noticed this Participants with a lower pH (and therefore a more acidic stomach) were associated with higher values ​​of disgust and fear.While those with higher PH have higher happiness values. This especially happened when they watched videos of questionable taste. However, it was also appreciated how prepared the volunteers were In general, they were more upset when they watched the disgusting videos than the scary videosAnd happy and neutral and They are less upset when they watch movies about happiness. Regarding externally detectable electrical gastric signals, no association with the emotions felt was identified, except for an increase in the speed of the stomach cycle when participants watched happy videos. The temperature and pressure measured by the pills did not provide any specific information, but they were useful in clarifying the position of the device within the digestive system.

Instead, the heart rate analysis, of course and without surprises, showed a significant effect of the sensations produced by the videos, as did eyelash blinks, which decreased in positive and negative scenarios compared to neutral scenarios, with the exception of some sad videos. The section that revealed the relationship betweenThe act of blinking with interestThe need to remain alert and obtain information in a context of great serenity as well as deep interest and fear.

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“This research, by revealing the complex web of relationships between stomach functions and emotions, paves the way for future investigations and insights into patients with gastrointestinal diseases who have altered stomach physiology, and those with depression and mental disorders. The researchers suggest that the spectrum that appears instead These include changes in the emotional sphere – even the innovative technology used, which uses sensors inserted into ingestible pills, can be applied in new research on the relationship between internal organs and different mental states.


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