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What happens in the steel mill

What happens in the steel mill

For the Ukrainian media, the Russian army stormed the areaAzovstal Steel Factory. Moscow radio, on the other hand, simply announces that the Kremlin forces are pouring “rain of fire” on the steel plant, without indicating any attempt to break into the building. what happens to Mariupol In these very enthusiastic hours? Let’s go in order and try to put the puzzle pieces together.

Early in the afternoonUkrainska Pravda Re-release the news thatthe Russian army It reportedly raided the Azovstal Steel Factory, where the last Ukrainian defenders are still hiding in the underground tunnels. Other sources talk about a Russian raid on a part of the building, without specifying whether it is that part of the factory where Ukrainian civilians and military are located, or another area.

A few hours later, a version of . appeared Russian media. According to the TV channel of the Moscow Defense Ministry, ZvesdaThe Russian armed forces continue to strike withfire rain” Azovstal steel plant. The shots will come from Howitzer And rocket launcher Military units of the Donetsk People’s Republic and “all arrive at the Azovstal site”. The TV channel also reported that the rain of fire was intended to make the defenders “unable to get out of the catacombs.” Former Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu He said that the rest of the Ukrainian army at the plant is completely closed.

Attack on the Azovstal steel plant

Apparently, there will be about two thousand fighters of the type Azov regiment And Navy which will remain in the tunnels of the underground structure. “There is heavy fighting in Azovstal, we lost contact with the boys. There are still hundreds of civilians at the steel plant, including thirty minors, who have not yet been evacuated,” the mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko told Ukrainian television.

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The Kyiv authorities said that a “strong attack” was underway on the factory since yesterday, with the support of “.armored vehiclesAnd tanksAttempts to take down the troops, with the help of boats and a large number of elements pedestriansKremlin spokesperson, Dmitriy PeskovHe explained that the aim of the attack was to prevent the defenders from reaching the firing positions. One of the few facts we have is that the Russians are already attacking the steel plant.

Civilians are trapped

It remains to understand how much civilians Still to be evacuated from the steel plant. According to the latest released news, the number will be about 250. In recent days, after several failed attempts due to mutual distrust between Moscow and Kiev, thanks to the primary mediation of the United Nations, about a hundred civilians were evacuated from the station. , While a hundred from some neighboring villages.

Citizens were handed over to employees Red Cross Based on United nationswho ensured that they would not be deported to Russia and that they could choose destination areas, whether in Russian-occupied or Ukrainian-controlled territories.

In any case, while the Ukrainian media claims that the Russian army has stormed the steel plant at the moment, the Kremlin has categorically denied this. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces issued the order to cancel any public attack (Vladimir Putin, ed.). Peskov told the press that there was no attack “at the moment.

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