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What does this optical illusion say about you?

What does this optical illusion say about you?

This simple personality test, based on the observation of an optical illusion, reveals a lot about your personality.

There is nothing more wonderful than the human mind. The ability to create entire worlds, visions and perceptions It differs from the observed reality, the complexity that allows us not only to create, invent and perform any task with relative ease, but also to suppose something beyond what is imagined. Humans have always tried to understand their nature and existence, but without succeeding in a concrete and objective way.

The perception of our minds and human capabilities and weaknesses varies from era to era age And only recently (since the end of the nineteenth century) have we tried to study scientifically the way the mind works, why we sometimes act in ways beyond our understanding, what drives us to depression and because we are so ineffective, or because we can’t accept a certain truth, because we can’t establish a relationship.

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Personality test: This optical illusion reveals who you really are

Since not even psychology can fully understand who we are, even a simple test like the one we’re taking for you today is just an indication of what your personality might be. However, we invite you not to underestimate it, because the result may surprise you. Are you ready to answer the question: What do you see first in this drawing?

the girl

If the first thing you saw was a girl’s face, this means that you are a person with strong creativity. Your inspiration leads you not to even think about what people think of you, but to follow it exclusively to achieve what interests you at the moment. You are confident in yourself, but do not let others weigh your way of being, on the contrary, you are always kind and available.

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the biggest

Those who have seen old people before are very sensitive people. Concerned people are able to feel empathy for others and understand their moods, a quality that makes them excellent friends and a point of reference in times of need. However, this hypersensitivity is counterproductive in some cases, especially when things go wrong and your mood changes accordingly, preventing you from giving everything you have or flaunting your skills.