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What can happen on Earth on Sunday, May 8

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Beware, a solar storm is coming and many are wondering what will happen on Earth on Sunday, May 8. Here’s what to expect.

The Sun He continues to record a series of explosions and explosions that inevitably spark interest. Here’s the latest information available on this and what could happen next Sunday.

May solar storm
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From social networks, to email, to instant messaging applications, there are many services available to us, thanks to which we can To communicate With anyone, anytime, anywhere. At the same time, there are many devices at our disposal, many of which, for example, need one Internet connection And of course electricity.

Therefore, many of the tools that we have available cannot work with complete independence. It is precisely in this context that the risks of having to deal with an imminent danger cannot fail to raise concern solar storm Which can cause many problems, especially from the point of view of communications. So many ask themselves What can happen on Earth on Sunday 8 May 2022. So let’s get into the details and see what to expect.

Solar Storm Coming, What Might Happen on Earth Sunday, May 8: Everything You Need to Know

In the past, we have already focused on the possibility that a major solar storm could cause a Global blackout of the web. This is due to the weakness of the repeaters used in submarine cables.

A mere hypothesis should be emphasized with the probability of a solar storm of this magnitude in the next few years being particularly low, i.e. 1.6 to 12%. Still in this context, however, the news of a The recent radio blackout of various aviation instruments and communications systems that have affected some regions of our planet.

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In this particular context, in fact, it would be interesting to know that over the past two weeks, NASA scientists have recorded several times on the surface of the Sun. High intensity explosions and flares That caused the interruption of radio and GPS communications in different regions of the planet.

Solar Storm Coming, What Might Happen on Earth on Sunday, May 8: Latest Notes

If all this wasn’t enough, according to the latest observations, it looks like another solar storm is on the way. The latter is scheduled for Sunday May 8 Because of this, there are many who would like to know what to expect and especially if there is any cause for concern.

Well, fortunately it will be the consequences of a solar storm Temporary, no need to worry. As pointed out in a Twitter post by NASA astrophysicist Tamitha Skov, it’s good to know that some Blackout of wireless communications or problems with GPS reception. temporary problems that, as mentioned earlier, It shouldn’t be a particular concern.