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What can (and cannot) be done in the Yellow Zone

What can (and cannot) be done in the Yellow Zone

Nearly 50 million Italians are returning from today Yellow band, From Lazio to Lombardy. The exceptions are those who live in a large part of the south, Sardinia, which is the only area in the “red”. The orange ones include Basilicata, Calabria, Buglia and Sicily, with the addition of the small Vale de Asta.

Yellow means easing restrictions, not a “free liar”. There are restrictions on collecting and the obligation to wear a mask, at least to be respected. However, restaurants return to work for both lunch and dinner, but only the outdoors and museums, exhibitions and cinemas reopen, despite many limitations. Soccer restarts without changing rooms.

It is Curfew At 22, but this limit, like the others, can be corrected in 15 days, when the first verification of the infection data will be done.

Among the most important innovations coming into effect today are not only the freedom to move between areas in yellow but also the green pass or paper document (issued by more than 100,000 in Lazio) or the plastic card (provided by Campania 250,000) to be vaccinated twice for travel. It is set to reopen on May 15 with outdoor pools.

The cinema re-opens 120 screens at 1400 in the Yellow Zone, the rules: masks and the last show at 7.30pm. Pictures in the show

Travel, can travel freely between yellow areas

You can move freely between regions in the yellow group. You can also reach the regions in Orange and Sardinia (only red), but only if you are traveling for work, health or emergency needs. In the latter case it is necessary to carry a self-certificate in which the reason for the trip must be written. The passage in the yellow panel is not the equivalent of “freeing everything”: meetings are forbidden and the mask is mandatory.

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Green Pass, the “vaccine passport” comes with a validity of at least 6 months

It is possible for so-called “vaccine passports” to travel freely for tourism, even in the Red Band. It can be a paper document, a plastic card or a QR code sent to a mobile phone, which may contain two doses of immunizations or those who have been cured. These passes are valid for at least 6 months. The pass, which can be given to those who wipe with a cloth, is valid for 48 hours. The pass is given at the site of the vaccine or cloth.

Yellow Zone Reopening: Shopping Centers, Bars, Restaurants, Gyms (Calendar Until July)

Second homes, you can go there with four friends and minor children

Access to second homes is free everywhere. But if you can only use it with your family in the areas in the red band, in yellow you can only get four friends or relatives with their minor children once a day. Relatives or friends can see up to four people in the regions within the Orange Band, but only on the condition that the meeting takes place in the municipality where they live. In any case, it is always possible to return to one’s home.

Catering, for lunch (and dinner) but outside only

From today you can go to the restaurant for lunch and dinner until you are outside in the yellow area. From June 1, always in the Yellow Zone, restaurants can open tables at intervals and indoors until 6 p.m. 5 You can leave home only for work, health and urgent needs. There will be a check at the time of the curfew order in two weeks.

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