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What are the most used controllers on Steam and how much are they actually used?

What are the most used controllers on Steam and how much are they actually used?

Valve has posted an update on steam RegardingUse of controllersalso specifying what it is most used for console games, showing some changes in trends compared to previously released data.

As of 2018, the average usage of controllers on Steam is It increased from approximately 5% to 15% Current and therefore still a fairly low percentage compared to the total but it has tripled within 5-6 years, showing an increasing trend.

42% of Steam controllers use Steam Input as a system, so this item has also achieved great popularity, at least among those who use controllers. However, it should be taken into account that many PC users still prefer to arrange the mouse and keyboard configuration of a large number of types.

The Xbox controller is the most commonly used

As for any of them Controllers are used more. On Steam, these are mostly the ones used on home consoles.

Xbox Series

In particular, this is the currently recorded distribution:

  • 59% Xbox controller
  • 26% PlayStation controller
  • 10% vapor surface

So there is a clear majority in favor of Xbox controllers, which is quite normal if you consider the natural compatibility of the device in question with Windows.

However, PlayStation consoles are growing significantly, if you consider that their spread in the PC sector is very recent. On the other hand, Valve itself is working to ensure a more intensive use of controllers.

In this regard, the company highlighted the various innovations it has recently developed to encourage the use of these devices, such as the update to Big Picture mode, the new controller configuration, the possibility of aiming using the gyroscope, virtual menus, and increased specific support for Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

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Also today, the beta version of Game Recording was launched.