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What are the goals of the European Energy Plan

Given the energy situation and economic instability resulting from the conflict in Ukraine and beyond, the European Commission has begun planning a solution to start an efficient energy transition. Let’s find out what it is.

Well, yes President of the European CommissionAnd the Ursula von der Leyen Recently announced the start of the plan Repower European Union.

EU REPower Plan: Objectives


The power plan stipulates commitment solar coverage For public and commercial buildings from 2025while starting from 2029 Residential buildings will also be subject to this obligation accompanied by the accelerated licensing procedure for Renewable energy.

there commission European This is how he responds to the grave energy crisis in progress weather changes And the conflict in Ukraine. Specifically, the objectives of the plan are: to diversify my suppliers Fossil fuelsspeed up the transition to energy clean thanks Investments in renewable energy sources And the Energy saving.

The European Union has already launched two major plans with EU REPower. Which will allow European countries to return does not depend on Come on Russian fossil fuelswe’re talking about European Green Deal and Fit for 55.

The Energy saving It is the fastest and cheapest way to deal with it energy crisisIn fact, the goal is to achieve it Energy Efficiency 2030 from 9% to 13%. The new plan will speed up the phase-out of Fossil fuels Thanks new green investments.

REPower Eu: What does the plan include?


Several tax measures have been put in place for stimulating energy savingin particular we’re talking about VAT rates lowered on heating systemsFrom building insulation and discounts on household appliance for home.

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Another primary goal is related to the use of Renewable energy. The purpose is to reach 2030 prevalence rate Renewable systems subordinate 45%. The strategy used to achieve this is Double photovoltaic power by 2025 with the installation of others 600 gigawatts by 2030.

The Repower European Union stipulates commitment solar coverage For commercial, public and residential buildings 2029Moreover, the goal is to double the penetration rate of heat pumps to Integrating solar energy and geothermal energy into heating systems. In addition to these two measures, it is also envisaged to speed up the licensing procedure for Facilities who understand Use of alternative energies.

If the plan is respected efficiently, all of that Europe Can benefit in the future and join the energy conversion.