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What an attack from the former president

What an attack from the former president

Through an official press release Juventus Advertise Luca Maggiani Inside the company’s organizational chart like Club Referee Manager. Luca Maggiani is a former assistantwhose career has been polluted by one Famous double supervision: during a Catania – Juventus In 2012, Maggiani became the protagonist of a double error Who preferred the Bianconeri.

At Massimino in Catania, on October 28, 2012, it was organized Catania – Juventus (0-1): To direct the match was Gervasoni and in those circumstances Magani turn calligraphy men. During the first half, Magani target canceled for instant feature CataniaBergisio signed for Offside. But the position of the Argentine striker It was regular. In the second half, however, another oversight: goal Vidal Who put Juventus Antonio Conte in front, spoiled by position Infiltration of Bendtner.

Luca Maggiani (Photo by Dino Banatto/Getty Images)

Commenting on the announcement that Juventus was also the president of Catania at the time, Antonino Pulverenti of microphones Speak very harshly. These are his words:

“Now it’s all over. I can finally say, even with a bit of sarcasm, that Juventus organized the position of Magani. I wasn’t wrong in thinking I was wrong 10 years ago, and when I said on TV that the Juventus logo had appeared on Maggiani’s Facebook page, they called me crazy and immediately the referral was taken. Today I got a “compensation”. I saw well on Magani who definitely decided the match that Juventus won at Massimino Stadium with two mistakes.“.

Lorenzo Golino

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