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“What a sad ending these kids have”: Amici singer sums it up | Unfortunately, the success was in vain

“What a sad ending these kids have”: Amici singer sums it up | Unfortunately, the success was in vain

Friends of Maria De Filippi: The Terrible Background Source @Instagram –

Amici di Maria De Filippi has been a starting point for many young artists, but unfortunately success does not always bear fruit: this is what happened to the protagonist.

Friends of Maria De Filippi It’s the biggest talent show. Long lasting and successful From the Italian TV scene. In fact, there were many young talents who, once they left the show, managed to achieve important goals, become music stars international.

Annalisa, Angelina Mango, Elodie, Elena DamarioThey all participated in Amici, and were immediately able to stand out from the crowd. Great talentThey have now become international stars, participating in the most important Music Festivals And it is not right Ariston stage.

Having just wrapped up its 23rd edition, Amici is definitely one of those places. big show For young artists, but in reality none of them are guaranteed success. Unfortunately once Drop out of schoolSingers and dancers must continue studying to improve and achieve success.

However, the road can be bumpy at times. There is no shortage of difficult moments. To face. This happened to a very well-known and beloved face of Amechi: you wouldn’t believe this happened to him.

Friends: Success didn’t help.

program Maria De FilippiIt has changed, throughout its history, a lot in an attempt to keep up with the times and new generations. Original Project It was completely different, in fact, the main idea was to create a talk show among young people to talk about the most common problems among them.

Over time the program morphed into Talent, first under the name “they will be famous“, then change the name to”friends“, thus becoming one School of ArtsBut it was also built on communicating the importance of values ​​like friendship, respect and hard work, which are essential for children once the experience is over.

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Aaron's Friends -
Aaron in Amici SourceInstagram –

“What a sad ending for these children,” the revelation said.

Maria De Filippi has always been like that. Very close to young talents Those who entered Amici, whether during their stay at the school or once the experience is over. But unfortunately, difficult moments do not lack for anyone.What a sad ending for these guys, and to think he sings well too.“One fan of the talent wrote under the Instagram post he shared,”

The hero of the post is Eduardo Burriknown by his stage name Aaronstudent 22nd edition From friends. The boy arrived in the evening in a team. Rudy Zerby He still continues to compose music on his channel. Tik TokThe video went viral across the web and everyone was immediately worried about the singer who was during Signature copies fell from the stage. She was badly hurt. Aaron was immediately rescued by Red Cross He later informed fans that he was fine.